Version: 1.0 march 30 2004

Version: not available yet

Version: not available yet

Version: 1.2 - august 19 2003

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Dragontech started in march 2003 with the idea of making a platforms game similiar to 80's classic Manic Miner.
A few moths after we started to develop Pachi el marciano having in mind that this were to be the only project to make, some time passed and in that September the game and his official website were published, to the end of that month there were a few more than 3000 visitors and to the end of the year almost 25000.
The game was published in many places (it was also published int the iP! magazine from Japan). Many e-mails were received and since that we decided to make more projects.

Who we are:

Santiago Radeff: programmer, project designer and graphic artist.

Nicolás Radeff: graphic artist and hand artist.


Damien Accorsi: French Translations.
Daniel T. Chen: Firsts configure scripts.
Gorka Olaizola: Joystick support, configure scripts.
Marcin -Shard- Konicki: BeOS packages mantainer.
Paula Radeff: Some english translations.
Martin Godisch: Debian packages mantainer.

Beta testers (error reporting):

Luis Eduardo Perez Tobalina, Pedro Antonio Fructuoso Merino, Peter Suetterlin, Sam Latinga, Alejandro Radeff